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Reinforced Surgical Gown
surgical gown reinforced for hospital use
disposable reinforced gown for hospital operation
hospital reinforced gown for medical worker wear
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Reinforced Surgical Gown

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    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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What Is Reinforced Surgical Gown?-Lantian Medical                                                                     

Surgical Gown Reinforced is a cloth for surgeons wear during hospital surgery or treatment of patients. It usually made by high quality non woven SMS fabric. The ultra fabric used in the reinforced impermeable sleeves and chest area in the reinforced surgical gown. This non woven fabric provide effective fluid resistance and cloth like feel. So, the surgical gown can against bacteria and comfortable to wear.

This disposable reinforced gown can meet EN137952 and AAMI Level3 & Level4 performance requirements. There are various hospital reinforced gown provide advanced solution in different levels of protection. It help protect patients and hospital staff from the spread of infection during surgery.

reinforced surgical gown for hospital surgerysurgical gown reinforced with ce and iso certificatereinforced gown with eo sterilization

   Fluid resistance: barrier protection to prevent fluid contamination and blood strike-through

   Flame resistance: meets CPSC1610 industry standard for low ignition

   Lint and abrasion resistance: reduces the risk of lint contamination in the wound and related post-operative complications

   Red: Impervious, for lengthy, fluid-intensive procedures

Disposable Reinforced Gowns Application                                                                                        

Reinforced Surgical Gown used in hospital, clinic, medical and biological research institution. It can protect the hospital workers from infected by body fluid and other infectious.

1.It is most important to avoide across-infection during surgery. The reinforced gown designed and manufactured in cleaning workshop. Thus, it is safety and comfort for both patient and surgeon.

2.The non-woven ultra fabric special to create the best barriers for bacteria, and fluids. This is in combination with a major concern for comfort and performance.

Surgical Gown Reinforced Features                                                                                                

1.Transport moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

2.Sterile, abrasion resistance to eliminate bacterial penetration

3.Breathable, lightweight and soft felling

4.Prevent cross-infection in medical treatment in the sanitation field.

Reinforced Surgical Gown Picture Show                                                                                            

Every Disposable Gown Reinforced Have a Hook And Loop Neck Closure-You can adjust the tightness of the neckline freely.

disposable reinforced surgical gown

Four straps inside and outside, you can freely adjust the tightness of the reforced surgical gown as needed

reinforced hospital gown manufacturers 

The ultra fabric used in the reinforced impermeable sleeves and chest area in the reinforced surgical gown.

hospital reforced gowns for sale 

Each Disposable Reinforced Gown Have Two Knitted Cuffs, More Comfortable to Wear. 

Disposable Reinforced Gown Have Two Knitted Cuffs

Reinforced Surgical Gown Specificaion                                                                                         

Material: SMS / SMMS/SMMMS,etc and and Ultra Fabric

Color: Blue, Green, White or as request

Gram Weight: 30-70g,or as request

Technology: Sewing and ultrasound

Cuff: Elastic and rib-knit cuff

Fluorescence: No fluorescence

Sterilization: EO sterilization

OEM and ODM: Acceptable

Standard: ANSI/EN13795/AAMI PB70/ISO11135/ISO11607

Surgical Gown Reinforced Video                                                                                                      

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