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How can I get samples to test your quality?
Please offer us the exactly specific details, we will send samples to you for your options.
What is the expired date?
The expiration term is two years, and the case should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment.
Does the drape can be recycle?
No, the drape is a one-time use only and destroyed after use
Can the surgical drape be biodegradable?
No, they can’t. But we have medical drape which can be biodegrade.
Do you have CE Certificate?
Yes, we have. We have ISO 13485 and CE Certificate Directive 93/42/EEC quality certificate, Skin Sensitization and Skin Irritation Material Certificate, other needed certificate.
Can you make OEM or ODM service?
Yes, we can, please send us your design or your request, we can customize the drape according to your design.
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