Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheet & Cover
Biodegradable PLA Medical Bed Covers
Biodegradable disposable non woven bed sheet
biodegradable non woven bed cover
disposable disposable medical bed covers
non woven bed sheet with elastic biodegradable

Biodegradable PLA Medical Bed Covers

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    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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    30 days after deposit
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  1. Product Details

Disposable Nonwoven Bed Sheet-Lantian Medical                                                                          

Disposable PLA Nonwoven bed sheet is a new type of biodegradable non-woven medical bed cover. It has the features of 100% biodegradable, anti-bacterial, excellent skin contact and air breathability, good water absorption and wrinkle resistance.

disposable non woven bed sheet biodegradable

Biodegradable Non Woven Bed Cover Features                                                                

1.Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

2.High tearing strength and elongation

3.Good gloss, certain UV resistance, and good flame retardancy

4.No sensitization, non-toxic and odorless, have no harm to the human body

5.5mm wide rubber band with 5 bars, faster fixing

disposable medical bed covers biodegradable with 5mm plastic rubber

Biodegradable Disposable Medical Bed Covers                                                                              

Material Structure:  PLA Non-woven

Color:  White or As Request

Gram Weight:  20-100gsm

Bed Sheet Size:  150*180cm, 138*238cm or As Your Request

Pillow Case Size:  50*70cm or As Your Request

Application fields:  Hospital, Clinic, and Medical Range

Features:  No fluorescence, Biodegradable, Disposable, Economical

OEM and ODM:  Acceptable

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