Medical Bed Sheet
Hydrophilic PP+PE Waterproof Medical Bed Sheet
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waterproof mattress sheets used as bed mattress protetor

Hydrophilic PP+PE Waterproof Medical Bed Sheet

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    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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    30 days after deposit
  1. Product Details

Hospital Bed Sheets Disposable By Lantian Medical                                                                      

Hospital bed sheets  consists of 2 film, hydrophilic PP with 1 PE film. They laminated to each other by hot-melt technique. So, this hospital bed linen combines the ability of waterproof as well as water absorb. Thus, this hospital sheet can give your patients a dry and comfortable experience. It is very popular applies in patient rooms of hospitals and clinics for long term patient care.

Hospital Bed Linens Material                                                                                                              

disposable bed sheets for hospital and clinic beds

Hospital Bed Lines Features                                                                                                             

1.Light weight and soft feeling

2.Consists of 2 film, hydrophilic PP with 1 PE film.

3.Free from chemical agents and latex, soft on sensitive skin

4.Excellent water waterproof and absorption  

5.Blocking the transmission of bacteria

Hospital Bed Sheets Disposable Parameters                                                                                

Material Structure: Hydrophilic PP with PE film

Color:Blue, Green, White or as request

Gram Weight:50g, 55g, 58g, 60g

Bed Sheet Size:150*180cm, 138*238cm or As Your Request

Pillow Case Size:50*70cm or As Your Request

Application fields:Hospital, Clinic, and Medical Range

Features:No fluorescence, Disposable, Soft, and Cheap

OEM and ODM: Acceptable

Tensile Strength: MD≥71N, CD≥19N(Distance:100mm,width:50mm, speed:300mm/min)

Elongation at break: MD≥15%, CD≥115% (Distance:100mm,width:50mm, speed:300mm/min)

Hospital Bed Sheets Disposable Picture Show                                                                               

hospital bed linens for mattress protectorhospital sheets used for hospital bedspreadswaterproof mattress sheets for hospital beds

Hospital Bed Sheets Waterproof And Absorbent Video                                                                

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Q1: Does the medical bed sheet can be recycle?                                              

A1: No, the medical bed sheet  is a one-time use only and destroyed after use

Q2: What is the expeired date of the hospital bed cover?                                  

A2: The asepsis term of validity is two years, and the case should be stored in a dry and normal temperature environment

Q3: How can I get hospital bed cover samples to test your quality ?                 

A3: Please offer us the exactly specific details, we will send samples to you for your options.

Q4: Can you make OEM or ODM service ?                                                        

A4: Yes, we can, please send us your design or your request, we can customize the drape according to your design.

Q5: Do you have CE Certificate ?                                                                       

A5: Yes, we have. We have ISO 13485 and CE Certificate Directive 93/42/EEC quality certificate, Skin Sensitization and Skin Irritation Material Certificate.

Q6: Can the disposable bed sheet be biodegradable ?                                      

A6:No, they can't. But we have disposable bed sheet which can be biodegrable.

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