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How To Choose Hospital Bed Sheets or Medical Bed Cover?


Published by Henan Lantian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. July 24,2019

Before I come across the medical supplies, I don’t know there are various medical bed sheets for different uses, you can choose it according to your different needs.

One year, I care for my father in the hospital more than 6 months, I need to change the disposable bed sheets and the mattress every day. At that time, I was thinking, if there is a disposable bed sheet, which can absorb and waterproof the urine or other liquid material so not to wet the mattress at all, so it will reduce the transfer of the patients and will give the patients comfortable, health and hygiene. The father of one of my clients also encountered the same problem, so he looks forward to the product which will work as this is a problem in most hospitals as his country has an aging generation here.

So, in this article, I will tell you how to choose the hospital bed sheets.

What are hospital bed sheets and medical bed cover?

Disposable hospital bed sheet or medical bed cover is one of the medical supplies, it is used in the hospitals and clinics for the hospital bed to protect the patients and mattress. It only can be used once and give the patients comfortable and hygiene. The hospital bed sheet has no elastic bands, and the medical bed cover has the elastic bands on the two sides or the four corners.

How to select the hospital bed sheets?

The first thing you should consider is the bed sheets material, there are different materials for you, such as SMS, PP, SMS with PE coated, viscose with PE coated, and hydrophilic PP with PE coated. If you have high environmental requirements, you can also choose a degradable material, such as PLA. 

SMS hospital bed sheet or medical bed cover is a type of disposable non woven bed sheet. It is an ideal choice for any type of stretcher or patient bed, and medical table used in hospitals and clinic settings. This kind of non-woven fabric is soft, free latex, light weight, breathable and neither absorbent nor waterproof, it and can be used for general medical protection to prevents the spread of disease and eliminates costs associated with laundering fabric bedding.

consumable disposable hospital bed sheet sms medical bed cover

PP hospital disposable bed sheet or medical bed cover with the features of soft, economic, latex-free, breathable, enough strength against breaking, tearing, and super comfort properties, itis widely used in a variety of clinical settings, patient rooms in hospitals or for long term patients care facilities. There are various sizes and colors to meet your different choice or made as your request.

SMS with PE coated hospital bed sheet or medical bed cover is waterproof and soft, it is very popular applied in the hospitals and clinics for patients room. If the patients unable to take care of themselves, or you need to prevent the urine or other liquid material, you can choose it, it is very convenient for people to lie hygienically.

Viscose with PE coated hospital bed sheet or medical bed cover is made of combination of 2 ply tissue (1 ply absrobent viscose with 1 ply PE film-coated) which has a high-level strength as well as the ability to absorb and waterproof water, blood, body fluid and other liquid material, it is widely used in the patients room of hospitals and clinics protect the mattress and give the patients comfortable and health protection.

Hydrophilic PP with PE coated hospital bed sheet or medical bed cover consists of 2 plies (1 ply hydrophilic PP with 1ply PE film) which are laminated to each other by hot-melt technique, so this consumable hospital bed sheet combines the functions of high-level strength as well as the ability to absorb and prevent moisture, fluid, and alcohol, it also stain-resistant and less likely to absorb spills. It is an ideal choice for any type of medical bed, ambulance stretcher, and medical table, etc.

consumable medical non-woven bed sheet     PP Nonwoven Disposable Bed Cover with PE  film

Another thing you should consider is the size of the hospital bed. The measurement of the fitted sheet is most critical for fit on the mattress and comfort for caregiver and patient. It is impossible to stretch the fitted sheet if it is too short. Using a fitted sheet that is too long means that it will be difficult to tuck in under the mattress on a hospital bed. Any sheet that is too long and drops to the floor can cause a trip hazard for everyone.

Lantian Medical Supplies offers more than 100 types of disposable medical supplies products. About 30% of these are hospital bed sheets and medical bed cover for patients use, 20% are surgical bed drape sheet, 15% are surgical gowns disposable, and 35% various disposable sterile surgical packs. All the medical supplies supplied by Lantian medical have CE and ISO certificate, and undergo rigorous quality inspection and OE sterilization. Our company's products strictly comply with EN1379/ANSI/AAMI PB70 standards. Welcome, contact us for more details!

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